What to Do With Your House While You Travel

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If you rent your current place of accommodation, your decision will be whether to sublet, leave it empty, or move out. Criteria for this decision may include how long you’re traveling for, whether there’s a penalty for breaking your lease, and whether your lease permits subletting. (Most leases expressly forbid using services like AirBnB).

If you own your house, it’s a wee bit more involved, but the options are similar: rent it out while you travel, or sell it before you leave.

To help you decide which option is best for you here are some things to consider:

Renting Your House Out While You Travel

There’s a lot to think about when renting your house out while you travel.

You’ll need to either hire a property management company or get friends/family to manage the tenants for you. (For example: if tenants leave or there are repairs, you don’t want to be getting overseas phone calls – you need somebody on the ground to take care of these things as they arise, and to search for new tenants if needs be). If you’re interested in using AirBnB to market your place, check out AirhostsHQ for some great tips to get the most out of it.

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