Tales of Trains: Where the Journey is the Destination

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This Isn’t a How-To Book

Although you’ll get some tips on how to upgrade to sleeper class on Australian trains, what not to eat on the Trans-Siberian, and I share the best resources for worldwide train travel, this book won’t (directly) teach you how to travel around the world by train.

Instead, Tales of Trains – Where the Journey is the Destination is a narrative about what it’s like to do some of the world’s most epic long-distance train rides, including the Indian Pacific and The Ghan in Australia, The Trans-Siberian from Moscow to Beijing, the world’s fastest train, and a whole host of much (much) slower trains as well.


What You’ll Read About in Tales of Trains

Tales of Trains – Where the Journey is the Destination covers over 42,000 kilometres of train travel through 11 countries, in 44 days (in two concentrated stints over a period of two years).

16,000 of those kilometres were done in Australia – including 11,000kms in 11 days straight….all to see if it was possible to get bored on a train.

The following year I was invited to do the Ultimate Train Challenge, which involved25,000kms of train travel between Lisbon and Saigon in 30 days….straight.


These are the two main focuses of Tales of Trains – Where the Journey is the Destination. Among other things, you’ll read about:

  • The very slow “Very-Fast” train (and other paradoxical experiences) in Ukraine
  • Befriending a gaggle of Mary Kay conference attendees in China
  • Fending off a drunk Russian train conductor on the week-long Trans-Siberian
  • The million or so inhabitants I met in Cook, Australia
  • The most compelling toothbrush sales pitch I ever saw on a train (or elsewhere)
  • Having no money somewhere in Slovakia and almost getting kicked off the train
  • The glories of Gold Class in Australia, and my sorry attempt at “train-yoga”
  • Fending off the flu in Barcelona
  • Meeting a worldly (and adorable) senior couple who lives in opposite corners of the world and only meets up on trains
  • Arriving in Prague and ending up “naked at night” in the thick of it

…and much, much more