Success in Business – and Life?

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In 2006, I was running a busy financial planning practice in Toronto, Canada. I was what you could call a “medium-sized fish in a big pond,” having achieved a certain level of success and a reputation for helping people engineer their finances to enable their life’s dreams. I focused on the emotional issues of personal finance in an effort to transform our vision of money from a taboo hindrance into something that empowers and enables instead.

I regularly appeared on television, gave interviews in newspapers opposite financial “celebrities”, and I spoke in front of audiences as large as 3,000 people.

But something wasn’t right.

There was a little voice inside of me – a voice that has been a lifelong friend or pest, depending on how you look at it – that said “Nora…you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing. There’s something else out there for you.

Those dastardly words. I’d heard them so many times before, and in the past when the voice kicked in I changed careers. I’d been a television producer and host, stage manager, professional actor/singer/dancer, operations assistant, assistant property manager, I started an administrative business, and – most recently – I ran a financial planning practice.