How to Manage Your Money: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Planning for Travelers

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Being a long-term or full-time traveler throws a whole new set of complications into the already daunting task of managing your money.

In this guide, I cover the basics of financial planning and money management for travelers, all the way from setting a budget, saving money, and dealing with your assets like real estate before you leave, to managing your money while you’re on the road, to advanced topics like retirement planning, debt management, and investment techniques.

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Chapter 1: How to Assess Your Financial Situation Before You Leave and Determine Your Travel Budget

If you don’t have a good grasp of your financial situation before you depart for your travels, it’s likely to unravel on you when you’re on the road. Take it from me, I’ve seen it happen – and you don’t want that.

In this chapter we talk about how to determine your travel budget, tips to keep expenses low if you’re on a strict budget, and how to decide what to do with your house while you’re abroad.