Forced contemplation

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It wasn’t until a few months later when two bouts of bronchitis devolved into walking pneumonia that I was forced to stop everything for a spell. Shortly thereafter, the ball dropped. I was in absolute tears about having to go into the office to do some work that I’d been avoiding for weeks.

“What do you want to do?” was the poignant question asked of me when I had my head in my hands, at wit’s end.

“I just want to…retire!” I wailed dramatically. Shortly thereafter though, I considered what retirement meant to me. What was the retirement vision I had for my golden years? I counseled my clients to describe a day in the life of their retirement so we could plan towards it, and I’d neglected to do the same for myself.

Retirement….meant traveling around the world, slowly. Meaningfully. But not just passing through; rather, living around the world.