Month: September 2014

Here’s How Not to Ride a Bike in Amsterdam

Introducing What Had Happened Was, an as-told-to series for those who’ve had wild experiences abroad but don’t want to get fired from their day job back home because of their adventures

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Accessing Savings While Traveling

Give it a Few Days One of the things I like about keeping my travel savings tucked away in a separate high-interest online savings account is that I can’t access

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Tips for telling compelling data stories

We read them, from childhood nursery rhymes to epic books. We watch them in the form of movies. And we tell them when we say, “You’ll never believe what happened today!”

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Where to Invest Your Travel (and Other) Savings

Where do you invest your travel savings when you’re accumulating money for a big trip? How do you invest and draw down on it while you’re on the road? And

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