Month: April 2014

Managing Your Online Savings Accounts While Traveling

Generally speaking, your travel savings (in both accumulation and redemption modes) should be invested very conservatively, since you’ll have a relatively short time frame to needing the money, and can’t

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Forced contemplation

It wasn’t until a few months later when two bouts of bronchitis devolved into walking pneumonia that I was forced to stop everything for a spell. Shortly thereafter, the ball

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Imagin Amsterdam

Last weekend we decided to try out the special gin pop-up bar IMAGIN in Amsterdam. Gin is starting to become a big hype in Amsterdam and this bar, opened only

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Best hotspots in Istanbul

Where to stay? I would say avoid the touristic Sultanahmet area where the Blue mosque and Hagia Sofya is located. Some friends advised me to stay around the Galata tower

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